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Even the most established businesses can struggle to maximize their assets, manage their profit centers, and grow relationships with their customers.

If you think your business could run better, Fourasoft can help you identify how.

Why Fourasoft?

We specialize in business efficiency optimization.

Well-designed, repeatable processes enable your business to function more efficiently and effectively.

We offer insightful solutions that provide our customers with the tools they need to reach their goals.

Organizations that partner with us typically experience a 10% cost savings, and a 10% reduction in process time.

Adopting our customized blueprint for success allows our customers to focus on what they do best!

What Can Stage Two Consulting Do For Me?

Some businesses are not quite ready to transition into a new business management software solution like FOURA. Instead, they need some help shoring up processes and streamlining efforts so that they can transition from old to new methods much more easily, down the road.

In our opinion, this is a was first step for many Stage Two Businesses. Our consulting can provide a significant benefit by helping to formalize responsibilities and refine procedures so that the business has more structure and clearer processes.

In general, this can be an excellent first step to begin creating a culture that is receptive to change – especially when the employees can see quick and immediate benefits.

Sometimes all it takes is a small adjustment

Our specialists can provide insight on which path to take.

"Our company switched to FOURA in February 2020 after 25 years with an antiquated, much larger system. From the first introduction meeting, we have had only positive experiences with all contacts at Fourasoft.

The implementation and data migration went very smoothly, and the learning curve to get our employees up and running was only days. Six months in, we are measurably more productive using FOURA and extremely happy with our decision."
Jeff Boys | Portland, OR
Vice President / COO of ACF West, Inc, and ACF West Construction Co, Inc.

Improve Profitability

There are many challenges to sales that a successful business needs to understand to be profitable.

Understanding your costs, defining your pricing, and ensuring that you’re making an adequate margin that allows the business to thrive are just a few.

Another challenge is to ensure that your sales team provides the right product at the right price without disclosing additional details.

Beyond that, some of our customers want to define different price books for different types of orders or other types of customers – but don’t know where to start or manage the ongoing information.

We can help you clarify your needs and help walk you through structuring your pricing and discuss the next steps required to increase your profitability.

Purchasing Made Simple

There are several benefits that can come forward when your business begins to define who and what purchasing involves for you company. 

Empower Buyers

It’s usually good to start by defining who is a buyer, what things they can buy and what tools they can use to buy the items and services. 

This has strong ties with accounting, as the right credit card or purchasing terms need to be established to maximize the cash flow of the business. 

Monitor Supplier Performance

Then usually the next thing that needs focus is on the Suppliers.  To thrive, the business needs to establish core suppliers, monitor costs, negotiate the best pricing based on volume and evaluate supplier performance.  

For some businesses, safeguarding your suppliers and costs may be of strategic importance to your business.   Other businesses may want to focus on making sure that the costs are shared with Sales, to ensure current product pricing.

Align Your Chart of Accounts

Utilizing the right chart of accounts for your business can make a big difference – it serves as the basis for your trial balance, which in turn serves as the foundation for your financial statements.  You don’t want to use too many accounts; conversely, don’t be too generic. 

A consistent, well designed chart of accounts can be used from year to year, which allows for comparison of results between years.

We can help you design the best chart of accounts, so you can properly categorize your business transactions in the clearest and most informative manner.  The end result will be accurate and meaningful financial reporting – enabling you to analyze your company’s performance and make good business decisions.

Optimize Inventory Systems

Not all Stage Two businesses have the same inventory control needs.  We can help define your needs, to provide the right level of control to help ensure that products and supplies are properly organized and safeguarded. 

From our experience, a company that has sufficient inventory controls generally has less product just sitting around, spends less time fulfilling orders and understands how the investment in inventory is directly linked to profitability.

We look at how your company operates day-to-day. Are your employees duplicating efforts? Does your inventory take days to update? How long does it take your staff to fulfill orders?

Fourasoft makes it faster and easier to fulfill orders, keep data current, and look at inventory at a glance – easily saving hours of labor.

Leverage Software

Can your current software support your processes and business systems? Will changes or improvements break the tools you have, or take better advantage of them?

We work with you to translate systems strategy into your software tools, and examine alternatives.

What are your challenges?

Let us help you determine how to arrive at the best outcome.


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